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Angry at God
There are way too various beloved folks who have been angry at God for the terrible issues that have happened in their lives; a lost loved one, layoff working or several other tragedy that hit unexpectedly.

A lady lost her teenage son, being grieved as a result of the lost she was wrestling with the thoughts inside her head, “why might God do this or enable it to happen” she might ask her self? The thoughts got so bad it begin to affect her everyday life to the stage where she became truly angry towards God not understanding that God was weeping with her. Six months have gone by because the death of her son and also the same thoughts kept taken over her mind, “why might God do this or enable it”.

One day she walked into a church that has been close to her house thinking possibly she can discover calm from all this bitterness plus confusion. She walked as much as the last strip in the building plus took a seat wanting to find answers. She looked aro

und plus noticed everyone was wearing black or dark dresses plus thought to her self, “This is strange”. She heard a girl in the front strip crying plus sobbing which worried her, however she only sat there to find what can happen next- whenever out of the blue a teenage handsome minister increased to the podium plus grabbed the microphone. The minister looked truly serious because he gazed around the area plus then spoke, “Timmy was a wonderful boy that will have never been taken from his childhood plus family, the minister claims with deep emotions. We know that today little Timmy is with the Lord Jesus. If ever there is a time to weep it is actually now as a result of this desirable lost. But I desire to state anything that several may well not know, but I must state it.

We reside in a globe where there is superior plus evil, there is a God plus there is a devil; we're taught by scriptures that every superior originates from God plus all evil originates

from satan. It saddens me to understand that various usually blame God for the tragedy that has come to their lifestyle. Actually, I don’t wish that to happen here tonight which is why I am talking about this. I desire to assure we that God dreams nothing however the best for His people; He doesn’t wish terrible what you should happen to we, but bad aspects do happen plus various are asking, “Why does God enable bad what you should happen to His people”. There are lots of questions that we'll never have the answers too here about earth, however I wish we to understand that Jesus Christ loves we plus wants nothing however the best for your family. We must always remember that there is an adversary available who is operating twenty 4 hours a day striving to destroy you. Never be angry with God because He is the one that will help we receive by this terrible time in the lifestyle. Trust Him plus He will offer strength plus electricity conquer the grief in the heart. It is God that usually bring calm to the troubled mind, the reasons plus warfare that continues inside we. So before we leave this room I desire to ensure you know that God had nothing to do with the lost, focus the rage at the adversary satan not God.

The girl found on the back strip was surprised at the wisdom of this teenage guy not realizing because she hear to his each term calm filled her mind plus she didn’t feel angry any longer towards God. “Could this be a miracle”, she requires herself?

This girl didn’t understand how much God cared for her however He showed her His love by permitting her to walk into a funeral Maintenance for a teenage guy called Timmy who she didn’t know. The Lord knew that the message might change her lifestyle plus thoughts towards Him. Three years have passed because that day the girl walked into the funeral Maintenance of several boy she didn’t know now that girl remains clear of the bitterness to

wards God. She actually is living with calm plus happiness past measure; plus each Sunday she falls to that small church to fellowship with her modern friends and family where she learned that God absolutely cares for her.

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